About Me:

They say: "everyone comes into our lives for a reason, a purpose or a life time”.

I am a black woman who has been a Social Worker for over 20 years and a counsellor for 16 years. Whilst working as a Social Worker I had wanted to understand the client’s pattern of behaviour and why most families kept repeating the same mistakes.

This led me to undertake further studies to become a therapist. It was clear from my experiences as both a Social Worker and therapist how important past relationships impact on our life.

Throughout my life I too have had life struggles and issues that have caused me pain, sadness and anger. However, with my training first as a Social Worker then as a Therapist I have become more aware of my patterns of behaviour and learnt how to change them.  This has empowered me enabling me to be more in control, which in turn has given me a more positive attitude to life

And now I help others do the same.